Covid-19 measures

Swiss Ski School Hoch-Ybrig


The containment and control of Covid-19 is of utmost importance for the Swiss Ski School Hoch-Ybrig and the health of our guests and employees is our highest priority.

Luckily, skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing takes place outside in the fresh air. This already reduces the risk of infection relevantly. However, the following measures are the basis for a healthy winter season with lots of fun on the slopes.

General guidelines

We strictly follow the regulations of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH ( and the Canton of Schwyz ( as well as the recommendations of our umbrella organization Swiss Snowsports (, the FOSPO and Swiss Olympic. Our Covid-19 protection measures are continuously being adapted to the current situation.

Guests with Covid-19 symptoms

  • Guests with Covid-19 symptoms are not allowed to take part in lessons. Please inform the snow sports instructor or our ski school office immediately.
  • Children with Covid-19 symptoms will be isolated immediately and must be picked up.

Contact details of guests

  • The Swiss Ski School Hoch-Ybrig and its employees are obliged to record the contact details of all guests as follows: Name, first name, mobile phone, e-mail.
  • Customers are advised that the data must be forwarded to the cantonal authorities upon request.

Staff of the Swiss Ski School Hoch-Ybrig

  • All snow sports instructors and staff comply with the “3G regulation”.
  • All instructors and employees are well aware of the Covid-19 measures.
  • The instructors and employees are encouraged to use the federal government's Covid tracing app.
  • Instructors with symptoms of illness are not allowed to participate in lessons. They immediately inform the office, stay at home and follow the instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health regarding medical consultation, quarantine or isolation.

Sales offices, staff rooms

  • We recommend to book online, by mail or by phone to minimize contact in the office.
  • Cashless payment is preferred.
  • Wearing a mouth/nose protection is mandatory in indoor areas accessible to the public.
  • The number of customers in the office is limited.
  • Disinfectant is available in the entrance area.
  • The offices are regularly ventilated and cleaned.
  • The employees disinfect and wash their hands regularly.

Meeting points and lessons

Private lessons

  • Your instructor will welcome you at the agreed meeting point.
  • The regulations of the respective protection concept of the mountain railroads as well as the requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health apply to transport facilities.
  • Whenever possible, our instructors use chair lifts and ski lifts in the fresh air to minimize the risk of infection.

Group lessons

  • Children may only be accompanied to the lessons by one person.
  • The individual class meeting points are spacious, clearly indicated and divided according to level. Due to the division of the meeting points, the individual groups are not mixed.
  • Attention will be paid to staggering of joint activities over time. This means for example different starting times of the lessons. Also, during breaks, lunch, children's ski race etc., the individual groups are always supervised autonomously.
  • Drinking cups and food may not be shared.
  • No private companion may be present at lunch.
  • In closed gondola lifts, the wearing of a mouth/nose protection is mandatory from the age of 12.
  • Whenever possible, our instructors use chair lifts and ski lifts in the fresh air to minimize the risk of infection.

Ski races and award ceremony

  • The weekly ski races take place individually in groups.
  • All award ceremonies are held outdoors in groups.

Covid-19 measures of the other tourist enterprises

  • We respect the Covid-19 measures of the other tourist companies. For example, mountain railroads, hotels, restaurants or sports stores.

Communication / Covid-19 team of experts

The Swiss Ski School Hoch-Ybrig has defined a team of experts, which deals with the current situation and is available for all questions regarding Covid-19. It is responsible for the implementation of the basic Covid-19 measures, adapts them continuously to the current situation and initiates any relaxation or tightening of measures.

The Covid-19 expert team is responsible for the communication of all Covid-19 related messages.


The Covid-19 team of experts at the Swiss Ski School Hoch-Ybrig

  • Fränzi Taugwalder, Managing Director
  • Hannes Hubli, Technical Director